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J Speight Consultancy

J Speight consultancy exists to address the critical issues facing children and young people today. There is a growing need for professionals, children and young people to be educated in the dangers of child exploitation. The harmful effects of child exploitation are serious and far-reaching for victims, their families and wider communities. The ideal is therefore to prevent the abuse happening in the first place by education and awareness raising.

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Training and Awareness raising for professionals and young people

The delivery of these sensitive subjects will be grounded in an evidence-based understanding of child exploitation (both online and offline). Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of training and awareness raising sessions to help organizations facilitate change.

Staff Training

These Child Exploitation Awareness courses help practitioners to understand the complexities involved with all forms of child exploitation issues and be aware of how to recognise the signs, who is most at risk, why young people respond in the way that they do and how children become implicated in Exploitation. The course also provides essential information on what constitutes best practice for responding to concerns and making referrals to social care and police.


Awareness raising for young people

Whether through class work or assemblies it is crucial for Young People to be aware of the dangers of Exploitation and that they are prepared for exposure to such risks in a timely manner.
Given the increasingly young age at which children are spending time online, research suggests a need to engage children and young people in conversations about online harm from primary school age.


Intensive One to One support and Group work

6 X 1 hour sessions of bespoke packages to meet the needs of the young person or group.

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